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Artist:        Bloomsbury school

Date:          Early to mid 20th century

Medium:   Terracotta

Size:           31cm high 

Details:      Beautiful patina 

Bloomsbury terracotta bust.

  • This gorgeous young man, beautifully sculpted in terracotta is presented in 1/3 scale. His serene and wistful gaze might reflect a poet's eye or an author's reverie. 

    The bust is modelled after and in the style of the Bloomsbury set of the early 20th century. Circa late 1920s, early 30s. The construction, wear and patina suggest that this piece is contemporary with the period. 

    Sculptors working within and around the Bloomsbury circle at that time included Stephen Tomlin (1901-1937) and Jacob Epstein (1880-1959)

    Our piece has echoes/influences of both these key 20th century artists nevertheless....... Please note, this piece is currently unattributed and we are selling it as an anonymous maker/artist unknown.

    Please contact me in advance of purchase to discuss delivery/collection options.


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