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Artist:        Carlos Carnero (1922-1980)

Date:          1950s

Medium:   Gouache on card

Size:           50cm x 60cm

Details:     Signed


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Cubist portrait by Carlos Carnero. 1950s School of Paris.

  • An elegant and mysterious portrait by Carlos Carnero (1922-1980) a significant modernist artist of the mid 20thcentury. This piece is painted with gouache onto card and signed with the artists monogram. The cubist angles and style of the portrait suggest perhaps 2 characters depicted here or possibly, 2 angles/facets of a lone sitter? A handsome and beguiling portrait however we view it.


    The piece measures: 50cm x 60cm and has recently been re-framed behind UV protective glass and housed in a period, swept, linen frame. The painting dates from the 1950s


    Please click here to see more work by Carlos Carnero.

    Carlos Carnero (1922-1980) was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, but moved to Paris in the 1940s first to study under André Lhote, but then under Fernand Léger in the boulevard de Clichy. Léger acknowledged Carlos as one of his finest pupils and asked him to stay on as the secretary and assistant of his atelier - a post he held even after Léger's death in 1955. During that period, he also came to know both Picasso and Miro and their influence can also be seen in Carnero's work.

    During the early 1960s he moved decisively towards abstraction and became part of the Tachisme movement in Paris that included Hartung and Soulages.

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