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Artist:        Ewart Johns (1923–2013)

Date:          1960

Medium:   Oil on board

Size:           63cm x 36cm

Details:     Original artists frame

Ewart Johns (1923–2013) Abstract oil on board

  • A powerful and dynamic abstract oil painting. This is one of a pair (other also listed) made as prepatory studies for a Devonshire mural. Signed and dated 1960 and housed in it's original frame.

    The piece is titled 'Dance Figures 5' and it hints at late night, underground, 1960s clubland.


    Ewart Johns (1923–2013)

    Painter, muralist, draughtsman and teacher, born in Barry, Glamorgan. A major formative influence was the teaching of Ceri Richards at Cardiff College of Art. Johns later combined a university career with work as a freelance artist. His academic research, mainly at Exeter, was in urban design, and led to a book on British townscape. He became the first head of department of visual arts at University of Lancaster. Showed widely in mixed exhibitions in Britain and America. Had a series of solo shows at Grabowski Gallery from 1961, and elsewhere in London and the provinces, and in 1981 a retrospective at University College of Wales, Cardiff, and University of Lancaster. This was in three parts, with a strong drawn image approach in common: work of the 1950s, subdued in colour, with form influenced by Cubist ideas; freer paintings of the 1960s; and oil pastels of the 1970s, with a special intensity, luminosity and density and strong emphasis on the figure.

    Johns carried out a number of public murals, and WAC holds his work.

    Text source: 'Artists in Britain Since 1945' by David Buckman 

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