Artist:         Avril J D Gilmore

Date:          1960's

Medium:    Collage on board.

Size:           Set of 5

Details:      Artists inscription verso

Mid century abstract collages. Avril J D Gilmore

  • This beautiful set of abstract collages are offered as a set of 5. The titles evoke the mystery of the natural world and celestial wonder.


    Each piece is housed in it's original frame and ready to hang. Artists inscription, signature and measurements are inscribed on the backs.


    Avril J D Gilmore


    Avril J D Gilmore was a Scottish (East Lothian) painter. She exhibited at the RSA regularly between 1959-1966 and throughout the 1970's. These pieces are from the Artists estate.

    1. Sunset Boulevard 23cm x 32cm
    2. Italian Sunrise 19cm x 11cm
    3. Untitled abstract 23cm x 14cm
    4. Galaxy 9cm x 32cm
    5. Constellation 14cm 21cm