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Artist:        Jane Prout

Date:          1960s

Medium:   Oil on board.

Size:           65cm x 80cm

Details:      Original artists frame

Mid Century British abstract oil on board.

  • A superb abstract interior/still life. Painted with impasto oil onto board housed in its original, artist's frame.


    This painting emerged from the late 1950's early 1960s St Ives/Cornish post war scene. Jane Prout was a key member of The Penwith Gallery 21 Group:


    The 21 Group of Artists.

    Formed in 1967, the 21 Group of Artists is now one of the longest established groups of exhibiting professional artists in the South West. In 1963 the painter Harry Pye organised the first of a series of Open exhibitions at Torre Abbey in Torquay. These annual exhibitions, entitled simply VISION, showed selected work by artists from all over South Devon. The more committed painters whose work was invariably selected included, amongst many others, Beryl Clark, Elsie Holliwell, Kenneth Fernee, Jane Prout, Joyce Earle, Colin and Rosemary Bigwood, Christine Raikes, and Vincent Wilson. In 1967 the Vision exhibition confined itself to invited artists only and this led directly to the creation of the 21 Group of Artists itself.




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