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Artist:      Pat Thornton. (British b.1946-)

Date:      1986

Medium: Painted steel

Size:       75cm x 35cm

Details:   Signed and dated on the back

Pat Thornton (b. 1946-) Abstract post-modern sculpture

  • A post modern, abstract sculpture. Folded sheet steel, shaped into an angular sculpture. Painted with acrylics. The painted surface plays with and distorts the pieces 3 dimensional credentials. It can, viewed at a particular angle, appear 'flat' 

    More photos available upon request.


    Pat Thornton 1946- Painter, sculptor and teacher born in Cheshire, married to the artist Oliver Bevan. Studied at Brighton 1965-8 then St Martins 1969-70. Taught by Anthony Caro, Phillip King and Barry Flanagan. 

    Good lecturing career; West Surrey, Farnham and De Montfort. Gained John Moore's Foundation bursary in 1992 and elected to RBS in 1993. 

    Exhibited; AIA, Barbican and South London Gallery

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