Artist:      Raymond Coxon. (British 1896-1997)

Date:      Mid 20th Century

Medium: Oil on board.

Size:       66cm x 86cm

Details:   Housed in its original, period Mid 20th Century frame

Raymond Coxon (1896-1997) Oil painting

  • Raymond Coxon studied at Leeds alongside Henry Moore. They became great friends and were 'best man' at each other's wedding. 

    This abstract oil on board is typical of Coxons more experimental work. This series of almost anthropomorphic paintings are very much in the British Surrealist tradition. The condition of this painting is good but the last image shows some damage to the bottom left corner/edge of board.

    Raymond Coxon (1896-1997) went on to study at The Royal College from 1921-25 under William Rothenstein. He was an official war Artist for the Royal Navy.

    Exhibited widely including Leicester Galleries. Held by The Tate & Manchester City Art gallery.