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Artist:        Rafael Perez (b.1957-)

Date:          1990s

Medium:   Ceramic

Size:           20cm x 20cm each

Details:     Signed

Set of ceramic portraits by Rafael Perez (b.1957-)

  • A gorgeous set of slip glazed, ceramic portraits by this significant, Spanish artist. Four male gazes peer from each square. They are made in ceramic with applied terracotta and white slip glazes. Each face is housed in their own, artists made, steel frame.

    Each measure 20cm x 20cm, signed and date from the 1990s

    Rafael Perez exhibits regularly throughout Europe most recently in 2023 at Gallerie du Don, Le Fel France and La Poterie de Gradignan, Bordeaux.



    Rafael “Rafa” Pérez was born in Haro, La Rioja, Spain, in 1957. He originally studied economics but later decided to be an artist and has pursued this career ever since.

    Rafael has held numerous exhibitions and won numerous awards internationally. In 2007, he was elected to the International Academy of Ceramics and is a member of Art Axis. He currently lives in a small Spanish city famous for its wine and recently became a grandfather.

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