Artist:      Stella W Rankin. (British 1915-2009)

Date:      1975

Medium: Impasto oil on canvas.

Size:       72cm x 62cm

Details:   Artists monogram and date top left

Stella W Rankin (1915-2009) Abstract oil painting

  • This confident and powerful abstract is made up of heavy, impasto oil paint. The painting is housed in it's original, if rather 'Heath Robinson' Artist's frame.

    Stella Rankin (1915-2009) a Suffolk painter who studied at Goldsmiths in 1960 and earlier at St Martins in 1958-9 under Kenneth Martin. She became a member of 'Free Painters and Sculptors' and of the 'West Wales Artist's and Designers Group'

    Jackson Pollack, Naum Gabo and Malevich were at times all influences on Rankin's work.

    Group shows included London Group, AIA, Royal Festival Hall, RA Summer Exhibition and Gallerie Internationale New York. Solo shows included Chappel Galleries and The Crypt Gallery London.