Artist:     Folke Heybroek (1913–1983)

Date:      Circa 1940-50's

Medium: Oil on coarse canvas/hessian

Size:       39cm x 59cm

Details:   Flemish, Mid 20th Century

Modernist 'Wild cats' painting ! Oil on canvas. Dutch school

  • An expressive and stylish oil painting of wild cats. Painted around the middle of the 20th Century. Housed in a gilt wood frame. 

    The course canvas/stretcher indicates a Dutch/Flemish hand. The signature might suggest:

    Folke Heybroek (1913–1983) was a Dutch expressionist artist, monumental sculptor, illustrator, textile designer and stained-glass designer who spent his professional life in Sweden where his monumental works decorate more than 70 public spaces, churches and schools.